Computer Services

 We focus on providing our business customers with managed I.T. services, internet & intranet security services, custom developed websites, highly targeted business marketing programs. Our services are done through multiple channels including our proprietary internet directories, marketing tools and other technology initiatives. 

Marketing & More

 Our suite of services range from basic website development to programming of full stack services, professional video production, coding, ticketing fulfillment, internet marketing services, business directory listings management services, social media, reputation management services and more. What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.

SMS messaging

 SMS messaging is truly one of the most underrated advertising mediums available today. With a 98% open rate for text messages and over 18.7 million SMS messages sent daily, text marketing is becoming a very effective and powerful way for companies to reach their customers. We provide you with an easy to use system that your customers simply opt-in to use the WiFi at your business. When you are ready with a message you will be able to send that message to everyone who has opted into your WiFi in the past.